I’ll be back

I am going to be awol for the next 5 weeks. Operation is set for next wednesday. I am so looking forward to being away from this place! I feel real bad for my 2 "D";s, I am leaving to take care of everything, but they will pay me back. LOL I have set everything up to run as smooth as possible, but…. I need to be away from here and all the bullshit.  My tulips and daffy’s are coming up. WOOHOO!! I knew if I painted my toenails, spring would get here. Yes, I am that sure of myself. Stop laughing, Mo! "S" built a new set of steps for my porch. They are fat proof. I have several relatives that top ove 300 lbs. I also have a few that need railings to help them get up to the porch. I now have it. I really love that man. And he gets crazy landscaping ideas as well. I need more money to pay for all these projects. I will try to get back by here before Monday, if not take care and have a good one, D
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2 Responses to I’ll be back

  1. Mo says:

    I\’d better try painting my toe nails….need sunshine and rainblows and butterf–I meant rainBOWS, not rainBLOWS. Or do I? Hmmm. I\’ll have to think on this. Hmmm….Anyhoo. Good luck with your operation and do this for me: ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF YOUR TIME OFF!!! I know, I know…most of it will be in pain or discomfort or pukitude. At least I know it would be for me. I tend to puke for days after anesthetic or pain meds of any kind. Frankly I think I\’d rather be in pain than puke, so…there\’s that. But that\’s just me, and we all know that I am a freak. My first step is admitting it, now if I can just figure out how to get to the other steps I will be normal. Wheee!!I keep digressing. I am wishing you all kinds of luck and quick healing, Donene. You know you\’ll have lots of prayers sent your way from up here in the great cold north. Love you tons!!

  2. Donene says:

    Ok, So like I can no longer get on this damn blog. So I have started a new on " singlemommaoffour" Mo, Find me. Donene

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