“K” is her name

I was able to add 2 new pictures. "K" did a tournament on the day we went dress shopping. This was 1 of her 6 sparring matches. And yes she can almost kick over her head. The other picture is at the dojo and "K’ was able to drop her sensei to her knees with a quick arm turn. And it really works. "M" is in the first row, brown hair up in a ponytail. Had to go have a chat with "M"s teacher this a.m. She has been dealing with a bully, several calls to the teacher, visit with the bully’s crazy mom, then yesterday. "M" is taking the high road and ignoring the brat. So the bully threatened "K" on the bus. Bad move!! "K" informed her she would rip off her arm, stick it up her nose, and then discuss what ever she had a promblem with. She got off the bus and told nannie what had happened, so the bus driver got to move the bully again, and I got to have a chat with the teacher. "M" is old enough and big enough to handle the brat, she isnt going to mess with "K". "K" will be the one kicking that kids ass, and she needs it. So teacher and I had a chat and the bully was off to the principals office AGAIN! "Zero tolerance" my ass! They do not do anything to these kids except talk at them. I told "K" if she touches you, wipe the floor with her and momma will handle the rest. Also told "M"s teacher that, and she agreed with me. WOW!! Have a good one, D
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2 Responses to “K” is her name

  1. Aimee says:

    we used to fight in the playground…and then it as settled…what happened to the good old days…ha ha ha!

  2. Janice says:

    Man, it\’s always something with this raising kids stuff. My daughter still tells the story about hitting a boy who had taken Eddie\’s head and scrapped down the trunk of a tree. Grandmom was called up to the school since I was not home from work yet. My mom told the teacher that Colleen would do her punishment for hitting the kid, but Bram was glad she hit him. He had been telling my kids that they were low lifes cuz their dad was not around for a long time. Not condoning violence, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Hang in there.

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