January suck’s!

This month so far, suck’s! My knee is still jacked up. I go in for an M.R. I. this Thursday. Lil "R" came from AH with some nasty creepy germs that she shared with me and it is kicking my ass! "K" now has pink eye. And it has actually snowed here, not a lot, but it freakin snowed! And the cold is going on and on. I will be glad when we hit 60 degree’s at this point, I dont care. I am freezing my ass off! Moving on.. we got a ferrett. I have always liked the little buggers and between the girl’s " I want’s" and "S" being "S", we now have one. Her name is "Fiona" until she pisses me off something fierce and I change it to a nice cuss word that I am always calling her. Yes, I do yell my critters names outside as well, in front of anyone who happens to be listening. Things are still going ok with "S" and I. I have been in magor bitch mode the last couple of weeks, due to the knee and not being able to do anything I normally do and getting the crap from lil "R" and it hasn’t fazed him a bit. And I have been cooking! Holy shit! I hate cooking! If it was just the girls and I, simple shit in the micro or oven, or nanny would fix dinner, but I have been throwing things in the crockpot and cooking on the weekends. Stop laughing! Class is still kicking our butts, 2 hours a night after school/work all day. The BFF "D" just called her daddy is having open heart surgery tomorrow. Pacemaker is on the fritz! So I will be bailing and going to the hospital tomorrow. I love her daddy! Hope all is well for everyone. Have a good one,D
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2 Responses to January suck’s!

  1. SAAM says:

    Hey there!!Crock pot cooking is great.Although I wish I had a cook

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