Party time

The girl’s have a Halloween party tonight at the dojo. So I had to suck it up yesterday and call the AH to see if he would bring lil "R" or if I could pick her up an 1 1/2 early. HMF!! He went off. Not that I didnt expect that. He then tells me he will if I let him take her out of state for a week and a half. WTF!!! She has school. I have all ready gotten a letter from the school about her not going every other Friday when he has her. So… I spent $ 55.00 on 3 crappy costumes. They will get use out of them. My girls recycle them and play in them year round, except on Halloween. Gotta have a new one. I lost 2 of my beagle babies yesterday. Cold or momma. Not sure which. It is snowing here! Yes, it is. How long until summer. Have a good one, D
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