Which one?

Lil "R" and "K" both have the piggy flu now. And they have it good. If one is not puking the other is! I am not joking! You had better have trash cans, plactic bags or something to catch what is coming up out of my kids bodies. This has been going on since Tuesday. they are on the medicine that I swore I wasnt going to put them on, I did. AH left lil "R" with us yesterday. What alien kidnapped the real AH and left this version behind? The real AH did show up last evening. Left me a real nasty message on the phone. My rollerskate is having a promblem. It is at the dealership as I type. They called, it is driveable, part is on order. It has been a crazy day at work. Had to haul ass and drop the car, browbeat them into bringing me back to work, dealt with a crazy lady who is very upset at everyone. One of the ladies here finally came and helped me get rid of her after 15 minutes of me waiting for her to come over the counter. Had to cancel the lake trip this weekend, due to piggy flu. That and it is to damn cold to be going to the lake. Have a good one, D
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2 Responses to Which one?

  1. SAAM says:

    Sorry about the swine flu. Not fun at all !!!!!!!!

  2. Janice says:

    Oh boy -poor babies. Hang in there… not like a mom has a choice, but… hope they\’re all feeling better SOON!

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