What happened to the weekend?

That was running thru my mind as I hit the snooze button and then laid in bed another 10 minutes this a.m.! I did not want to get my ass out of bed. I hate Monday’s! "M" is feeling better, now "K" is getting it! She had a fever and the cough this a.m. Is this never going to end? It is 67 degrees outside and the yahoos have the damn a.c. on! I am freezing! I have blocked the vent and I am getting ready to go shut the damn system completely off! Spent Saturday afternoon at the dragstrip with "S". Cant say I had fun, but.. it beats laundry. LOL I dont understand the point of dumping all your money in a car/truck, running it up a 1/4 to a 1/2 of a mile as fast as it will go, then risk blowing up your engine, transmission, etc.? But, I was with "S", so its all good. I am way to attached to that man and it is scaring the hell out of me! My damn beagle and sheltie got into it Saturday night. I have a dog bite on my left calf and my beagle got my right knee really bad! Damn bitches!! All I could think about in the shower was " Damn good thing they have their rabies shots!"I am so glad they got me and not "K" I had my beagle up in my arms and she was going off on me growling and trying to bite. Grouchy old bitch! the sheltie is coming into heat, so Daisy decides to be a bad ass! I kenneled the sheltie as I cant keep the beagle kenneled. All in the dark and cold! "S" is putting up flood lights in the back, my porch light is not cutting it, he said. AH called me Saturday night while "S", "K", and I where at dinner. Wanted to bitch, because I didnt tell him lil "R" had gone to the doctor. First of all, she didnt go to the dr, he looked at her while "M" was being seen. No charge, yeah! and second of all he still owes me $105.00 from her other visits! i am not telling that AH shit! Then he got pissed because I didnt call him back. LOL He started shit with me Tuesday a.m. about "S" Give me a freakin break! Have a good one, D
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