My head hurts

I am back to popping pain pills for headaches like they are candy. the financial director they hired isnt very good. End of the year is fast approaching and our ass is going to be in a big bind! That is how my week has gone. "K" froze in class last night. She can do her kata in her sleep and last night she froze. The third time she breezed right thru it. "S" wants to go to the dragstrip tomorrow. Huh? This out to prove to be funny. I will suffer thru it, just because I care. Not something I want to do. LOL "M" is finally feeling better. Lil "R" still hasnt fully come down with it as of yesterday. She is with AH as of yesterday. My head is going to explode, I do believe. Have a good weekend, D
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2 Responses to My head hurts

  1. Janice says:

    Sorry you\’re having that much pain. Yikes. Hope things settle down soon. Hope everyone continues to get better/doesn\’t get sick. Take care.

  2. Lynn says:

    I\’m so sorry you\’re having that pain, darling. I know it too well, so I sympathize with you completely. Big Hugs and all my love. So glad K got through her kata finally!

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